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ASI Cloud Version Software – FAQ’s

Here are some frequently answered questions. If you have any questions/problems with ASI FrontDesk, there's a good chance you'll find your question answered here. If this FAQ list does not answer your questions, please refer to help file for more information before calling ASI support team. Thank you.

  • When I run ASI FrontDesk Configuration, the system does not ask for authorization, but it does if I run ASI FrontDesk, why is that?
  • During adding of rooms, I see options for Week Day and Weekend Day, what is this?
  • After configuring the rooms in ASI FrontDesk Configuration, the rooms are displayed in what appears to be in random order on the screen. How can I arrange them in rows and columns?
  • What is the Password of Admin, when the software is run for the first time?
  • I am getting message "Please specify date less than today "
  • I am getting message "No printer Installed. Please contact system administrator" when I try to see reports.
  • When I try to see the transactions of a certain date, it says "Reports Locked" and that day transactions are not shown to me.
  • My system has correct date and everything is right, but I am not able to open new day, it gives message "Sorry you can not open a day"
  • During adding rooms, I see Add Room From date, what is this?
  • I have been playing around the software for some time now. I want to delete my practice data and start over with real data. How can I can I delete practice data?
  • When I try to uninstall your software, the setup program asks for admin password. I have never specified any password, what do I do now?
  • Why is date so important to your program?
  • What is the video feature in your program?
  • What is the swipe card feature?
FrontDesk Screenshots

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