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ASI Cloud – Testimonials

We work hard to satisfy our clients. With our products and services, our clients are achieving success in taking advantage of technology. They remain efficient and competitive in their businesses. Our consultative approach helps us develop and maintain client satisfaction. Our clients make us who we are and will be. Here is a sample of what our clients are saying.

Norm Boudreau
Knights Inn, Fredericton, NB Canada, November 28, 2013

I am very pleased with the ASI Cloud Property Management System. I have worked in a number of hotels, some considerably larger with complex reservation programs, and I have found that your system is by far the most user-friendly PRM system. It is simple to learn and simple to teach new employees. I am a firm believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) especially as it pertains to keeping track of future reservations. In the past two years since I have used ASI Cloud, I have never had down-time of more than 15 minutes.....which is extraordinary indeed !!! In the rare occasion that I do require assistance, your on-line chat portal is convenient, and the technical support is both quite fast, and VERY cordial. I would definitely recommend your system for hotels/motels , and welcome you to use my comments as an honest testimonial and also to refer potential customers to contact me for my opinion.

Thanks Pratic and please pass on my appreciation to your technical staff.

Jay Patel
Budget Inn, Oakland, CA, USA

We have been using ASI FrontDesk since almost 10 years now. We volunteered for initial testing of the ASI Cloud solution December 2010. We love it. No separate learning curve. The software is exactly same as the desktop version we have been using before. At first we were little skeptical about web based software as it may be slow, but to our surprise it performs same! The biggest benefit we get is peace of mind as now we not limited by reliability of our hardware. Thank you ASI for this!

Sandy Raja
Elmwood Motor Lodge Boscawen, NH, USA

We are thrilled to be asked to comment on ASI Cloud PMS software from Anand Systems Inc. We have been using this new software since January at our small independent property. The software is a breeze, easy use. It works from anywhere, even my dinky little $250 Acer netbook! It is almost like working on MS Office on my desktop. I don't have to worry about the data at all, ASI takes care of it. Everything, program, data all is just there! Price is great and it is includes everything, support as well. Just click on chat and someone from ASI is there to help out. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for trouble free software!

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