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Annual Maintenance Contract

Anand Systems Inc offers free technical support and upgrades for first 6 months after purchase. There after, on annual bases, customers can optionally elect to enter into Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plan at affordable rates. Please click here to see the price of the AMC program depending on the number of rooms you have.


Upgrade for clients not on Annual Maintenance are charged $100 per lapsed year in addition to regular annual maintenance charges for the same version of the software. Lapsed AMC clients wishing to update to latest major version are required to pay additional $200 upgrade fees.

What does AMC cover?
  • Email support: All emails are answered by a technician in a timely manner 24/7. Most emails are answered immediately. In most cases, the issues are resolved in 24 to 48 hours.
  • FAX support. Fax us your questions; we will answer them back by FAX.
  • Telephone Support: During normal business hours you can call us with your questions. Our normal business hours are 8AM to 8PM PST Monday through Friday. ASI reserves the right to limit any support call to 1 hour or less.
  • Emergency Support: We are available 24x7 for you for 365 days. Non business hr support are limited to emergency issues. ASI will understand your issue and decide seriousness based on your issue. ASI reserve final authority on any such issue. There will not be any training provided by ASI on non business hr. For any kind of training you need to contact us on business hr.
  • After hours emergency calls are $35 per call with AMC. ASI reserves the right to limit any support call to 1 hour or less.
  • There will be extra charge for third party hardware/software installation. It cost you $75 and limited to 1 hr for any such request.
  • Client need to provide there computer access via remote connection to resolve there issue. Without computer access we can't resolve your problem. We will guide you on this step.
  • For clients on AMC, ASI will do its best to address disaster data recovery at minimal charge. ASI can not be held liable for any data loss.
  • New Releases: Clients on AMC will have right to download service packs and new releases during the AMC period free of charge. There will be small fee if CD request is made for shipping and handling. All downloads will be free for duration of AMC.
  • Third Party Software/Hardware: If some features require third party software, the clients on AMC are required to pay the license charge or setup fee for third party software/hardware.
Remote Assistance

To receive remote assistance, please call ASI Support and receive a 6 digit code. Enter the code below and click on Connect. Note, you must get a new 6 digit pin code each time you require remote assistance.


Online Demonstrations

Join one of our online software demonstrations. We will demonstrate majority of our software features. The demonstrations usually last between 60 to 90 minutes. Check out how easy and simple yet comprehensive our software is!!!

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