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What it mean for Expedia - Travelocity deal for Independent hotel motel owners

Recently Expedia & Travelocity announced that Expedia will power hotel search for Travelocity. In general, if I need to define this in a single line, it would be "this is the best news for small to mid-size hotel motel owners". All our hotel software customers will benefit greatly from this deal between the  two giants in hotel room reservation sources.

For majority of the independent hotels, the major sources of revenue amongst the OTAs are Expedia,, Priceline & There are few other popular OTAs for small and medium size independent hotel owners like Travelocity & Orbitz, but these hoteliers were at disadvantage due to strict sign-up policy. For last few years it has been very difficult to sign up your property with Travelocity merchant program. It has been hard to find a market manager willing take on mid-size and smaller properties. Majority of the time application was being rejected by one or other reasons, except for the properties in superior locations. As a result, the independent hotels were suffering most by not being able to generate business from the vast network of Travelocity.

Recent marketing strategic partnership between Expedia & Travelocity will open up completely new market for independent hotels. In my view Travelocity loyal travelers will now have lot more choices in bookings, which will include various range and rating properties backed by Expedia. Independent hotels & motels will benefit significantly out of this deal without signing any new contracts. They will now see customers from 3rd biggest OTA in market, Travelocity! Now independent hotels & motels will compete with franchise hotels on Travelocity to get fair platform and fetch new customers from Travelocity which were previously illusive to them. Next year many properties will get maximum benefits out of it.

Anand Systems Hotel PMS software fully supports the 2 way interface. Hoteliers and Moteliers can manage your daily rate and package rate directly from within the Anand Systems PMS system. Inventory will synchronize in real time while reservations get automatically downloaded to ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software. This OTA interface is direct to source and hence no need for GDS connectivity and more importantly a huge cost savings of no pass-through fees! Anand Systems Hotel PMS does not charge any booking fees or commissions.

Anand Systems is a leading hotel software company providing software since 1998 and has more than 4600+ customers across the globe.

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Information about hotel check in software

Running and managing hotel are challenging stuff in today era and so it is very important to have very efficient hotel check in software to manage your day to day operations.

In traditional early days small to medium size hotel owners use to work on manual papers. Those days biggest problem was to managing every day daily sheet and keep track of all collections, rent & tax calculations. This was working out good for small size motel operations but still it generate lot of work at the end of the month, as they need to calculate all collections and also at the same time need to calculate city, county & state tax calculations.

In 90's when personal computer started to become available, there is need generated for check in software for hotels to automate daily tasks. There are few companies emerge during those days and was charging some very high fees to satisfy some basic hotel operations. In early days software vendors use to charge in $35000 to $50000 for basic check in software and hotel don't have any option but to get those software at expensive price.

We at anand systems was keep track and eye of this development and we realize that some Indian need to enter into this business to satisfy need of small to medium size hotel requirements. First we were not planning to developer commercial product of check in software and we decided to write software for few of our relatives & friends. This is more like in house development for 4-5 small size hotels & motels. We started development in 1996 and install basic system in 1997 at 4-5 hotels in Oakland Califonria region. In house written check in software was much appreciated by frontdesk persons and hotel motel owners who used and work on 1st version of this software. This generates full confidence to us and we decided to make commercial product of it. We firm company in 1998 and give a name Anand Systems Inc. Many times people are asking who is "Anand". We like to share this is just the name we use to share happiness among our community. We don't have any one with Anand working in our company but it's symbol to give happy faces to all hotel owners by not paying such expensive fees for check in software. This is how Anand Systems begin and today become one of the top most selling hotel software in USA, Canada & other parts of world.

Our check in software is exactly replication of daily work perform by hotel owners. It do manage your all rental charges, tax exception calculation, various type of deposits, managing your direct billing contracts, at the end of the month tax calculations, It also general traditional daily sheet which hotel use to manage it by hand. Anand Systems check in software is been evolved on 6 major release includes, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 & now latest version is 6.0.

We Indian operate our property in different way than how other people run there business. We design our hotel software in such a way so it exactly meet all requirements how we run our business and also take care of our special needs about how to handle cash collection, how easy to operate & most important talk to our people in there own language which they understand well i.e. Gujarat, Hindi & English.

Now a days basic daily sheet replacement check in software become big and it keep ahead of how hotel technology is pen out in last 15 years. It currently serve all requirements of any size of hotels & motels. It is one of the top selling hotel check in software in US & Canada. Installations are there in all US 50 states and all 10 Canada provinces. Visit our website at