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At Anand Systems, we constantly optimize our structure, add new services and products. If you are interested in knowing how we can offer you competitive advantages, please read on…

We achieve very high product quality due to a well-structured and elaborate system of work organization for our employees. The principal features of our work organization system are shown at our Site so that our potential customers would understand how we achieve high product quality. You can get yourself acquainted with this information at Our Operational Procedures page.

Our advantages are as follows:

  • High Reliability – We use the latest in software/hardware technology and have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to effectively harness the skills of our engineers.
  • High Support and Service – Anand Systems provides service and support from the US office and India Support Centre. Due to difference in time zones between US and India, we are able to offer our customers virtually 24 hours customer support. Customer support emails are automatically routed to any support staff available in US or India.
  • Moderate Prices – Anand Systems offers effective solutions at very competitive prices. We keep our development costs in-check, and pass over the savings to our customers.
  • Wide range of services – Initially ASI provided services to only the Hospitality industry. But with our quality of service and support our clients recommend us to their surroundings. Thus we are now serving few clients in the Health, fitness industry and presentation industry.
  • Speedy project implementation – Due to our strong creative resource we can form a large workgroup and implement your project in extremely short time interval. The distributed structure of ASI makes it possible for our company to quickly adjust to the client requirements (size and number of workgroups, etc). Therefore the goal of ASI is to offer to our clients a very wide variety of extremely high quality software development services at a competitive price.

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