March 14, 2011
Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases enhanced version of its premier airline crew transportation accommodation software for Allied Airbus Transportation Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

ASI is proud to announce their deployment of FAST (Flight Assistance Scheduling Technology) online software services to manage transportation of crew, namely pilots and flight attendants, from airports to their hotels and back to airports. The system manages all aspects of the crew travel special requirements as well as that of the transportation companies.

The system allows for complete online management of reservations from the airlines as well as transportation services operators. Prestige system allows comprehensive import of airline transport manifests. The online software further allows management of transport vehicles and allows for scheduling of each reservation including assignment of vehicle types and drivers.

A full accounting system including billing to airlines and various other transportation services clients is fully integrated into the system. The invoicing of trips is automated and provides for full email services within the system. The system also allows for airlines and other clients to login and check status of their requested services in real time.

The system was enhanced to monitor and report individual flight status of scheduled transportation. This allows the operator to manage efficiently the transportation resources such as vehicles and drivers. The system also allows for real time monitoring and tracking of each vehicle in the service at any given time.

The system is capable of serving several hubs at the same time. The system will be gradually deployed to cover all major hubs in the USA where Allied Airbus operates.

ASI was able to develop and deploy the system by leveraging expertise from its comprehensive hotel reservations software technology developed for its flagship hotel software.

ANAND SYSTEMS INC. (ASI) is a Software Development Company specializing in providing custom software and hardware solutions for businesses. ASI is providing hotel software solutions since 1998 and its products and services are currently deployed in over 93 countries with thousands of installations. ASI FrontDesk is flagship hotel software product and it can be used as hotel reservation software and point of sale software.

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