August 4, 2008
Anand Systems Inc releases Airport Hotel Reservation System for distressed passengers and airline crew accommodations.

ASI develops and deploys an Airport Hotel Reservation System with close cooperation from airline industry experts. The web based system uses latest in technology to provide accuracy, efficiency and seamless information transfer between various independent business entities.

The solution provides for real time inventory for participating hotels and provides for integration to with Airline management systems. The system is deployed at JFK, LGA, EWR and MIA airports with Meegan, Alliance Group, EWR Hotels and Concord Reservation groups. The system currently serves American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines, while several other international carriers are also being served. The project offers complete life cycle management from reservations, passenger accommodations with tracking of all particulars such as transportation and meals, billing and reporting.

The system deployed is a result of joint efforts from ASI, reservation agencies operating hotel desks at the airports and airline executives and technical staff at major US based carriers. The system offers significant efficiency over the prior methods of accommodating distressed passengers, airline crew and walk in guests at the airport hotel desks. The system offers hotel operators to provide real time inventory and rates management.

ANAND SYSTEMS INC. (ASI) is a Software Development Company specializing in providing custom solutions for small businesses. ASI is providing hotel software solution since last 10 years and presently working in 78+ countries with thousands of installation. ASI FrontDesk is flagship product and it can use as hotel software, hotel management software, hotel reservation software and point of sale software.

For more information, contact Anand Systems Inc headquarters in Tracy, California at 209 830 1484. All email inquiries may be forwarded to