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  December 13, 2014 ASI FrontDesk & TripAdvisor - 2 Way Integration

Why TripAdvisor?

Joining the TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Programme enables you to partner with the world's largest and most trusted travel community. Leverage our brand to enhance your existing travel programs, earn additional revenue, and provide your users with access to 190+ million reviews, plus 500,000 city and hotel pages.

ASI FrontDesk and TripAdvisor Integration

  • TripConnect Interface
  • Unlimited commission free bookings via TripConnect
  • ReviewExpress Interface
  • 2 way Interface with PMS

ASI FrontDesk and Reputation Management

According to TripAdvisor statistics, over 70% of travellers begin their travel search on their website. For hotels that monitor and respond to TripAdvisor reviews, it’s a huge influencer that drives bookings. However, releasing the potential of your online reviews takes time and dedication.

  November 12, 2014 ASI Webres - Online Reservation System for your Hotel/Motel Website.

  • Responsive Website Design - Desktop/Tablets/IPads/Mobiles
  • Two Way Integrated with (Website + FrontDesk) (Rate, inventory, Booking Control Rules and Download Booking)
  • Only 3 Steps to Booking
  • Trip Advisor Integration (Rate, Inventory and Reservation)
  • Multiple Payment Options (Credit card, Direct Billing, Paypal)
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics and Tracking Script
  • Booking Rules (Sold-Out, Arrival Close, Departure Close, Min Night, Max Night etc.)
  • Policy (General, Future Event based, Pets and Cancellation Policy)
  • Promotion Codes and Packages
  • Multiple Rate Types and Specific Rate Type (AAA, Military, Government)
  • Reservation Email and Fax Functionalities
  • User Define Scripts
  November 6, 2014 ASI FrontDesk - Signature Pad : For Easy and Paperless Check In Process.

Guest Signature using Singature Pad

  • Make paperless check-in process
  • Very useful for credit card dispute
  • Print any folio anytime with guest signature
  • Store unlimited folio & registration card with guest signature for lifetime

  October 30, 2014 Driving Licenses/ID Cards and Passport Scanner.

  • Scan driving licenses & ID cards of all US States and Canada Provinces
  • Scan all computerized passport
  • Works well with Canada Health cards and Mexico IDs
  • Works well with driving licenses from 45 countries

  October 15, 2014 Join Anand Systems in our partnership with Expedia..!!! Anand Systems with Expedia can help you reach customers across the globe through technology and brands, powerful marketing and market insight.

What Expedia Offer

Bookings captured from a variety of premier consumer brands such as Expedia®,®, Venere® and Hotwire®; technology platforms like mobile and tablet; and through product innovations like vacation packages and Expedia® Traveler Preferenc

Access to global customers via more than 150 travel booking sites in more than 70 countries, covering North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific

Powerful marketing programs that span search, online and offline marketing, database (email) marketing, social media engagement, and public relations. Our innovative marketing programs help you access demand when you need it the most

Hundreds of employees in local markets throughout the world to work with hotels on a personalized level to drive business results and to help guide you through all the opportunities and benefits that Expedia, Inc. has to offer

Local market revenue management expertise and business intelligence reports.

  October 3, 2014 Join Anand Systems in our partnership with Use the connectivity service you know and trust via Anand Systems with the marketing platform.

5 great reasons to partner with

  • Increased revenue

    Real-time confirmed bookings means more revenue for you and your property

  • Round the clock, multilingual support

    The support team handles any questions or requests your guests might have – so you don’t have to.

  • Free registration

    There are absolutely no sign-up fees or subscription costs and the commission-based model means you only pay after a guest has paid you.

  • A large, global audience

    Your property is marketed to a large audience of travellers worldwide, year-round, with an average of over 625,000 room nights sold every 24 hours.

  • Locally relevant is the top choice amongst travellers worldwide because they display properties in a way that is locally relevant, in up to 41 languages.

  September 5, 2014 We are pleased to announce the release of our new iOS app for ASI FrontDesk Cloud Edition, which went live on Friday September 5th, 2014 on Apple Store. Enjoy many management and back office activities from anywhere on your iPhone & iPad devices. Read More
  June 26, 2014 HITEC 2014 Read More
  March 14, 2011 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases enhanced version of its premier airline crew transportation accommodation software for Allied Airbus Transportation Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Read More
  February 21, 2011 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases Cloud edition of the popular ASI FrontDesk Hotel Software Suite.Read More
  November 11, 2010 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases Airline crew transportation accommodation software for Prestige Transportation Services, Miami, FL.Read More
  November 11, 2010 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases FHS 2010. Read More
  July 06, 2010 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases interface to popular GDS provider Genares. Read More
  August 17, 2010 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases interface to popular IDS online reservations services by Expedia and More
  August 17, 2010 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases EIS (Enterprise Information System), a web based online reservations software with two-way interface. Read More
  March 14, 2010 Chadwell Travels LTD., a UK based travel agency company and Anand Systems Inc (ASI) announces the online holiday/vacation air travel and hotel rooms reservation portal for their clients in the UK and the surrounding nations.Read More
  March 14, 2010 Chadwell Travels LTD., a UK based company and Anand Systems Inc (ASI) announces the online holiday air travel and hotel rooms reservation portal for Chadwell Travels LTD clients in the UK and surrounding nations. Read More
  August 14, 2009 Anand Systems Inc (ASI) releases Airport Hotel Reservation Software and custom designed Kiosk at the Terminal C, Newark Liberty international airport. Read More
  April 2, 2009 Anand Systems Inc releases Airport Baggage Storage application for American Airlines Terminal at JFK international airport. Read More
  December 15, 2008 Delaware Hotel Group selects Anand Systems Inc for Hotel IT Service. Read More
  October 9, 2008 Anand Systems Inc. (ASI) Releases beta version of ASI FrontDesk 6.0 hotel software for their clients. Read More
  August 4, 2008 Anand Systems Inc. (ASI) Releases Airport Hotel Reservation System for distressed passengers and airline crew accommodations. Read More
  April 23, 2008 Anand Systems Inc. (ASI) Releases Transportation Management software for Refuah Health Centers, Spring Valley, NY.Read More
  October 1, 2007 Anand Systems Inc. (ASI) Combines Efforts With Fonekey Inc Deploying Unique Services of Self Check-In/Out and Paying Hotel Bill via Guest's Cell Phone.Read More
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