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Our Beginning

Sleepy Hollow Motel, Budget Inn, Regency Inn, Crown Lodge Motel.

These are independently owned motels located in different areas of Oakland, CA, USA. They analyzed many commercially available motel software products on the market. Many of them were outdated MS-DOS based applications, some required workstation class computers to run. The complexity and difficulty in using these solutions was a big issue. The effort involved in training of front desk operators in a highly competitive labor market was also a big concern.

These hotel operators asked our founder to develop a simple and easy to operate software solution that met their exact needs. The software must automate all their front desk operations and generate daily and monthly reports for tax filing purposes. It also required intelligent guest tracking capabilities.

With these requirements, Anand Systems Inc was born. These original clients were so happy with the solution, they heavily promoted our software. Soon we became popular software vendor provider for hotels and motels in Northern California. Given the rate at which the company was growing, we opened a development center in February 2001. Since then we have built up gradually and now the development center is staffed by a team of qualified engineers with specialization in various technologies covering all aspects of software development and technical consulting.

Anand Systems Inc has come a long way since it's humble beginnings in February 1998. We are determined to provide state of the art solutions at affordable prices to the hotel industry. We work hard to continue to add advance functionality and maintain the ease of use that we have become known for.

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