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Hotel IT Services

At Anand Systems, we develop and sale one of the most comprehensive and cost effective hotel motel software suite. In addition we also provide a complete set of Hotel IT services. Managing key Information is crucial to success of your business. In this information age, it is of paramount importance to safeguard emails, documents, project time lines, employee data, contacts and more such information. Are you prepared for natural and human induced disasters? What happens if your key employees leave you? Do you have all documents and emails backed up? Can you safely recover lost information?Whether you own/operate one hotel or multiple hotels, we can assist you with services listed on this page. Please call us today to prepare a proposal based on your specific hotel requirements.

Hotel Application Servers

Host all your software applications on one server. All users will access the software applications and keep their data in central location. Save on licensing fees as well as provide a secure environment less prone to down times of individual desktops due to unforeseen circumstances. Our service include but not limited to following:

  • Determination of the server hardware based on your requirements
  • Installation of all your software applications
  • Create the domain and all domain users
  • Setup of your network, desktops or thin clients

Hotel Email/Exchange Server

Emails are increasingly becoming central to your business needs. Protect emails coming to your organization through a local server hosting your email server. Keep your emails no matter who it is addressed to.

  • Determination of the server hardware based on your requirements
  • Installation of exchange server
  • We will create all your email user accounts
  • Provide backup of your email boxes
  • We can configure and recommend safe business practices.

Backup Services

Backup of data is often most overlooked or unmanaged part of small businesses. We provide several levels of backup services to provide you a peace of mind. Don't wait for disaster to strike you.

  • We help you protect your information with local automated backups
  • We provide offsite backup of all your data for all your local and distributed desktops and laptop computers

Our services include onsite visits if required. We manage all of your IT resources remotely from our head quarters in Tracy, California.Be prepared for trouble free smooth operations of your hotel business. Keep your information safe. Call us to discuss your requirements today! Our contact information can be found at Contact Us page.

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