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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Price
  For hotels/motels up to 10 rooms $200
  For hotels/motels over 11 rooms or more $200 + (number of rooms - 10) x $5
  Network Version (Only for Network Users) $50/Station

  AMC Price Calculator  
  Base Price:
$ 200 Base Price
  Number of Rooms:
(Please enter the number of rooms you have in your property)
$200 + (number of rooms - 10) x $5
  Number of Terminals:
(Please enter the total number of work station where the software is used)
  Remote Access Terminals:
  ASI Point Of Sale Server:
  ASI Point Of Sale Terminals:
$100 / Ternimal
  ASI CallPosting:
  ASI CallLodging:
  Customize Reports:
$25 / Report
  Total :
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