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Interfaces & Third-party
Product Integrations


ASI FrontDesk 3rd Party Interface feature that offers a wide range of interfaces and third-party product integrations to extend its functionality. This means that you can connect ASI FrontDesk to other systems that you use, such as your online booking engine, your payment processor, or your choice of hardware. This integration allows you to streamline your hotel operations and improve efficiency.

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Payment Gateway - Credit Card Interface

Scanner & Signpad - Generic Interface

  • ScanShell 800
  • ScanShell 800DXN
  • ScanShell 1000
  • Snapshell
  • Snapshell Passport
  • 3M CR5400
  • 3M QS1000
  • 3M QS2000
  • 3M AT9000
  • MyKAD
  • Barcode Reader
  • Topaz - Signture Pad
  • Cash Drawer - Generic Interface

Revenue Management Systems (RMS)

Customer Review Management (CRM)

Accounting Interface

Data Reporting

Housekeeping Interface

Government Interfaces & Fiscal Printers

Fidelio Interface Application Specification (FIAS) Interfaces

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