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POS Software - ASI Point of Sale

ASI Point of Sale 6.0 is here to complement ASI FrontDesk 6.0 or to be used stand alone in retail operations. This release of the software is developed utilizing the latest in Microsoft .Net platform and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. ASI Point of Sale 6.0, our best effort ever, raises the bar. Our easy to use system has become even easier to use. Despite having made significant changes to accommodate numerous additional features, the user experience has been nothing sort of awesome.

  Pos Sales
Pos Table View  
Our goal has been… Simple is Nimble! Sleek new interface, ASI Point of Sale 6.0 brings many user interface objects that simplify the processes. The display of layout is something we have placed significant effort. The new table view allows for a nimble display of all tables and occupant account as well as ticketing information in one click operations!

We are particularly proud of the efforts of our designers and engineers to sneak in advance features in a way that will actually make it simpler to use ASI Point of Sale 6.0. The same software can be used for various POS settings, restaurants, bars, gift shops and retail shops of various types. The software can also be configured to display in various color schemes to please the most discriminating eyes!

  Pos Funtion View
Pos Item Master  
We got our ducks lined up in a row! Not just the POS software, we bring you the whole suite of our integrated products, the Hotel Software as well as our popular Call Accounting software using the same state of the art technology all at once!
Online Demonstrations

Join one of our online software demonstrations. We will demonstrate majority of our software features. The demonstrations usually last between 60 to 90 minutes. Check out how easy and simple yet comprehensive our software is!!!

ELO all-in-one POS station

This cool looking very functional POS hardware is perfect for Restaurants, Retail or Bars. Comes with our software loaded on it for use immediate use right out of the box!

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