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Comprehensive Property Management System

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Property Management System

ASI FrontDesk

The ASI FrontDesk Property Management System (PMS) is an affordable and comprehensive solution for managing all hotel operations - from front-office to back-office tasks.

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Channel Management Software

ASI Channel Manager

Channel Manager software is a tool allows Hotelier to update their inventory, pricing, and availability across multiple channels from a single platform, rather than updating each channel individually. This can help to increase efficiency and reduce human errors.

Auto Reservation

Keep your inventory in sync with your OTAs effortlessly through ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Rate Parity

Real-time rate synchronization and control all major channels directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS.

Real Time

ASI FrontDesk PMS seamlessly integrates with all OTAs, allowing all reservations to be automatically downloaded.


ASI Channel Manager system, you can easily manage your bookings using the Restriction feature.

ASI WebRes

Hotel Booking Engine

ASI WebRes hotel booking engine is a software tightly Connected / Integrated on your hotels’ website and social media pages, This tool allows Unlimited reservation and commission-free direct bookings.

  • Unlimited and Commission Free Bookings
  • Room Availability Calendar
  • Promotions and Package Deals
  • Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook Integration
ASI Point Of Sale

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) system is a versatile software that offers various modules, including Sales, Purchase, Kitchen Order, Inventory Control, Guest/Customer Billing, Bar Table Management, and Restaurant POS System.

  • Billing Operations
  • Item & Material Management
  • Back Office Feature
  • Effortless Integration with ASI POS & ASI FrontDesk PMS
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ASI CRS Integration with the Best 3rd-Party OTA's and GDS

ASI CRS provides direct interface 2 way interface to all major OTA, IDS & Wholesalers. All popular channels will require direct 2 way interface to major OTAs. Your normal GDS contract will give you traditional travel agent listing via GDS representation but that will not be enough for premium chanlles on high competitive market.

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Hotel Website Designing

Hotels/Motels Website Development & Design

Web presence for businesses is a necessity. It brings technology awareness and offers competitive advantages. We offer complete services that span the life cycle of the web site, from concept to design to maintenance.

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Responsive Design
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Cost-effective Solutions
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